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-==== Machine ​Shutdown ====+==== Accelerator ​Shutdown ====
-** Machine Shutdown **+1. Switch OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION to DISABLE.
-   - Log Machine settings, log radiation monitor tape if necessary. +2. Switch ​the control mode to GVM. 
-   ​- ​Switch ​stabilizer ​to "​AUTO"​ + 
-   - Put cup in -- when putting in L.E.  cup at high terminal voltage be prepared to run belt charge down as terminal voltage will increase when the beam loading is removed. +3. Slowly turn the CONTROL GAIN to zero while watching ​the grid voltage.  ​If the grid voltage rises above -5 volts, reduce the CHARGING VOLTAGE ​to keep the grid voltage less than -5 volts, then continue reducing ​the CONTROL GAIN to zero
-   - Switch stabilizer ​to "​STANDBY"​. + 
-   - Turn "​GRIDDED VOLTAGE TUBE LENS" down. +4. Turn the CHARGING VOLTAGE dial down to 0.10 
-   - Monitor corona current ​while changing belt charge; do not run in (extend) ​the corona points when the terminal charge may become negative (i.e. with the plastic belt).  ​Reverse current will damage ​the stabilizer circuit.  + 
-   Run belt charge down.   +5. Switch CHAIN MOTORS ​to OFF. 
-   - Turn belt charge "​OFF"​. + 
-   - Turn drive motor "​OFF"​. +6. Switch ​POWER SUPPLIES ​to OFF. 
-   - Start Source shut down (all control room operations). + 
-   - Set steerers ​to zero and then to "​OFF"​. +7. Turn the TERMINAL VOLTAGE dial to zero.
-   Run magnets and quadrupole lenses down (coarse to zero, fine to 500), then turn off (push the "​power"​ button)+
-   - Turn the beam profile monitor (BPM) to "​OFF"​ +
-   - Turn buncher and chopper power to "OFF"+
-   - Complete control room source shutdown and run low energy extension einzel lenses down. +
-   - //(Only for maintenance shutdown)// ​Switch ​stabilizer ​to "OFF"+
-   - //(Only for maintenance shutdown)// Turn key switch "​OFF"​. +
-   - Complete source shut down in vault.+
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