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Machine Shutdown

Machine Shutdown

  1. Log Machine settings, log radiation monitor tape if necessary.
  2. Switch stabilizer to “AUTO”
  3. Put cup in – when putting in L.E. cup at high terminal voltage be prepared to run belt charge down as terminal voltage will increase when the beam loading is removed.
  4. Switch stabilizer to “STANDBY”.
  6. Monitor corona current while changing belt charge; do not run in (extend) the corona points when the terminal charge may become negative (i.e. with the plastic belt). Reverse current will damage the stabilizer circuit.
  7. Run belt charge down.
  8. Turn belt charge “OFF”.
  9. Turn drive motor “OFF”.
  10. Start Source shut down (all control room operations).
  11. Set steerers to zero and then to “OFF”.
  12. Run magnets and quadrupole lenses down (coarse to zero, fine to 500), then turn off (push the “power” button).
  13. Turn the beam profile monitor (BPM) to “OFF”
  14. Turn buncher and chopper power to “OFF”.
  15. Complete control room source shutdown and run low energy extension einzel lenses down.
  16. (Only for maintenance shutdown) Switch stabilizer to “OFF”.
  17. (Only for maintenance shutdown) Turn key switch “OFF”.
  18. Complete source shut down in vault.
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