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Quadrupole Computer Controls

  • These magnets and their control power supplies have been upgraded to computer control from the original potentiometer control.
  • Each quadrupole magnet has 2 power supplies designated QuadA and QuadB with independent current adjustments.
  • A sample computer control window is shown below.


  • Ideally, the A and B currents should be equal to focus a symetric beam entering the quadrupole on its center axis.
  • The computer control window displays a graph window with QuadA current indicated on the X-Axis and the QuadB current indicated on the Y-Axis.
  • The diagonal line is the locus of points A = B for reference.
  • The QuadA and QuadB currents are adjusted by moving the bullseye cross hair graphic. The bullseye is initially adjustible in the “Grab” mode.
  • The “Grab” mode allows you to set the mouse pointer over the bullseye and while depressing the left mouse button, drag the bullseye to another set of A and B current values.
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