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  1. Accelerator Personnel do not have any control over the Fire Alarm Systems, we only have the ability to view information.
  2. If the fire alarm activates:
    1. The designated Accelerator Operator shall:
      • Check the annunciator panel for the location of the alarm (more on the panel below)
      • Put in all faraday cups and shut down the accelerator
      • Wait for emergency personnel in the lobby and escort them to the location
    2. All other personnel are to evacuate the building as directed by the alarm system message
  3. If the fire alarm is in a trouble condition no radiation will be produced until the trouble is fixed, or until the requirements in the Interlock Rules Policy have been satisfied.
  4. Accelerator Personnel may use a fire extinguisher if the individual feels they can do so safely but there is no requirement to do so.
  5. Never open a door to an alarm area if smoke is visible outside the door or if the door is warm.

The Annunciator Panel (located in the control room, photo below)

There are 4 possible conditions for the fire alarm system:

  • System Normal: The LCD displays “sytem normal” and the date and time. The only LED illuminated is the green “power on” indicater. No sounds are being made.
  • Fire Alarm: This is an emergency condition. All strobe lights in the building will be flashing, loud warning claxons will be playing, and a voice message will be directing people to leave the building through the front door. Police and Fire Department personnel will be on the way

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