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 ==== Changing Terminal Energy ==== ==== Changing Terminal Energy ====
-1. Switch OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION to DISABLE. +  - Put the Faraday cups in. 
-2. Switch the control mode to GVM. +  ​- ​Switch the control mode to GVM. 
- +  - Slowly turn the CONTROL GAIN to zero while watching the grid voltage If the grid voltage rises above 10 volts, reduce the CHARGING VOLTAGE to keep the grid voltage less than 10 volts, then continue reducing ​the CONTROL GAIN to zero. 
-3. Turn the CONTROL GAIN to zero. +  - To go to a higher energy move the CORONA PROBE POSITION "​OUT"​ while raising ​the CHARGING VOLTAGE. ​ ​**__NEVER__** allow the GRID VOLTAGE to go more negative than -10 VDC during this operation. 
- +  - To go to a lower energy move the CORONA PROBE POSITION "​IN"​ while lowering the CHARGING VOLTAGE ​**__NEVER__** allow the GRID VOLTAGE ​to go more negative than -10 VDC during this operation
-4. Turn ​the CHARGING VOLTAGE ​dial down to 0.10 +  - Set the TERMINAL VOLTAGE Dial to the desired valueThe dial is 2 turns per MV (set the dial to twice the GVM you want). You may have to add some upcharge after setting the dial
- +  - Raise the CONTROL GAIN to 2-3 for low current beams, around 5 for high current beamsThe system is now controlling in GVM mode. 
-5. Switch CHAIN MOTORS ​to OFF+  - Make fine adjustments to the TERMINAL VOLTAGE ​Dial to reach exactly the desired GVM value
-6. Switch POWER SUPPLIES ​to OFF+
- +
-7. Turn the TERMINAL VOLTAGE ​dial to zero+
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