Precision Searches for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation: The New Mu2e Experiment at Fermilab

Andrew Norman, University of Virginia

After decades at the energy frontier, a new wave of experiments is poised to reposition Fermilab at the front of the intensity frontier. The intensity frontier program is designed to search at unprecedented levels of sensitivity for rare and forbidden processes which can shed light on beyond standard model physics. The Mu2E experiment leads this effort with a search for charged lepton flavor violation, through the direct (neutrino-less) conversion of a muon to an electron in the field of a nucleus, μ N → e N. Mu2E will push the current limits down to a sensitivity of 10-17, four orders of magnitude below the current best limit and well below the predicted rates arising from SUSY. At these levels of sensitivity, Mu2E will probe an effective mass scale far above what is accessible at the world's colliders, and provide a window into physics at the Tera-scale.