29 August No Seminar
5 September INPP Open House
12 September A. Estrade (Central Michigan U.)
R-process experiments at the Radioactive Ion Beam Factory
(Host: Z. Meisel)
19 September H-W Lin (Michigan State. U.)
From C to Parton Sea: Bjorken-x Dependence of the PDF
(Host: J. Roche)
26 September P. Koehler (LANL)
Low energy physics with neutrons at LANSCE
(Host: A. Voinov)
3 October M. Paolone (Temple U.)
Coulomb Sum Rule
(Host: J. Roche)
10 October M. Febbraro (U. of Michigan)
From neutrino oscillations to stellar nucleosynthesis: Recent measurements of the 13C(α,n)16O reaction at Notre Dame and ORNL
(Host: C. Brune)
17 October D. Tapia Takaki (U. of Kansas)
Ultra peripheral HI collisions/Diffractive h-h
(Host: J. Frantz)
24 October DNP meeting: no seminar
Monday 30 October K. McFarland (U. of Rochester)
Neutrino-nucleus scattering
(Host: D. Phillips)
7 November D. Dutta (U. of Mississipi)
Twisted electrons
(Host: J. Roche)
14 November TBD
21 November Thanks-Giving week: no seminar
28 November J. Holt (Texas A&M U.)
Hot and dense neutron-rich matter from chiral effective field theory
(Host: Prakash)
5 December P. Shanahan (College of W&M)
Gluon structure of hadrons and nuclei
(Host: J. Roche)
12 December Exams week: no seminar


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