Nuclear Lunch -- Spring 2014

The Ohio University lunchtime nuclear seminar meets weekly, 11:50-12:45 Wednesdays in the Roger Finlay Conference Room, to discuss interesting papers in nuclear and particle physics. All graduate students and postdocs interested in nuclear physics are welcome to attend. We like to start the talks at 11:50 sharp, so please feel free to come ~11:30 for eating and socializing.

Remember that your presentation should be less than 12 slides long. The purpose of this rule is not to overly constrain you -- it's to give you a better idea of what we expect. We do not expect your talk to be the last word on the subject or a polished seminar. Your presentation is meant to raise some of the key issues, and, ideally, to initiate discussion. If you do not understand something in the paper, say so, or write down your question. We will collect the written questions, and discuss the issues raised as a group. Feel free to contact the course organizers if you have any organizational questions.

The lead coordinator for Nuclear lunch this semster is faculty member Ken Hicks. Other coordinators are Carl Brune, Heather Crawford, Charlotte Elster, Justin Frantz, Paul King, Ken Nollet, Daniel Phillips, and Prakash.

Tentative Schedule

Date Discussion Leader Topic / Paper(s)
January 22 Bijaya Acharya First measurements of electroweak boson fusion, Cern Courier. Supplementary reading: Measurement of the hadronic activity..., CMS Collaboration, JHEP 10 (2013) 62. (print out only the first 3 pages)
Faculty advisor: K. Hicks
January 29 Anthony Ramirez Discussion of questions from the previous week.
February 5 Shamim Akhtar Bright Laser-Driven Neutron Source Based on the Relativistic Transparency of Solids M. Roth et al., PRL 110, 044802 (2013).
Faculty advisor: C. Brune
February 12 Brian Muccioli Discussion of questions from the previous week.
February 19 Arbin Thapaliya Reflections on the Fate of Spacetime E. Witten, Physics Today, April 1996, p. 24-30.
Faculty advisor: M. Prakash
February 26 Bing Xia Discussion of questions from the previous week.
March 12 Cody Parker Dosimetry for gadolinium neutron capture therapy Radiation Measurments 59, 233-240 (2013).
Faculty advisor: H. Crawford
March 19 Andrea Richard Discussion of questions from the previous week.
March 26 Nowo Riveli Good fortune from a broken mirror Physics 2, 68 (2009). Supplementary reading: Observation of a Large Atomic Parity Violation in Yb,
Faculty advisor: Daniel Phillips
April 2 Nick Compton Discussion of questions from the previous week.
April 9 Tyler Danley Strong Flux of Low-Energy Neutrons Produced by Thunderstorms Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 125001 (2012). Supplementary reading: Neutron Bursts in Lab Lightning,
Faculty advisor: C. Brune
April 16 Sushil Dhakal Discussion of questions from the previous week.

Background Information

Administrative Details

A couple of administrative notes for Ohio University Physics and Astronomy graduate students:

If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to contact a faculty coordinator.

List of additional potential topics

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