Workshop on Statistical Nuclear Physics and its Applications in Astrophysics and Technology

Ohio University, Athens OH, US

8-11 July 2008




The Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics and Ohio University's Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics are organizing the workshop on Statistical Nuclear Physics and its Applications in Astrophysics and Technology to be held at Ohio University, Athens OH on 8-11 July 2008.

The workshop is focused on subjects related to statistical nuclear physics. By bringing together scientists working in various areas of this diverse field -- including astrophysics, technology, theory, and experiment -- it is hoped that further progress in this area can be stimulated. Topics of discussion include:


                             Confirmed invited speakers:


Yoram Alhassid (Yale)

Richard Boyd (LLNL)

Dorel Bucurescu (Bucharest)

Peter von Neumann Cosel (TU Darmstadt)

Roberto Capote (IAEA Vienna)

Robert Charity (WU)

Jürgen Gerl (GSI)

Magne Guttormsen (Oslo U)

Richard Cyburt (MSU)

Robert Haight (LANL)

Sotirios Harissopulos (Athens)

Anna Hayes (LANL)

Mihai Horoi (CMU)

Calvin Johnson (SDSU)

Micah Johnson (LLNL)

Ron Johnson (Surrey)

Toshihiko Kawano (LANL)

Paul Koehler (ORNL)

Milan Krticka (Prague)

Ann Cecilie Larsen (Oslo U)

Gary Mitchell (NCSU)

Hitoshi Nakada (Chiba U)

Takashi Nakamura (Tokyo Inst. of Technology)

Cem Ozen (Yale)

Volodymyr Plujko (Kiev)

Rene Reifarth (GSI)

Ronald Schwengner (Dresden)

Artemis Spyrou (MSU)

Rebecca Surman (Union)

Henrik Uhrenholdt (Lund)

Hiroaki Utsunomiya (Konan U)

Oliver Wieland (Milano)

Boris Zhuravlev (IPPE, Obninsk)

Vladimir Zelevinsky (MSU)


Registration form and Abstract

    Participants are requested to fill out the registration form and optionally submit an abstract at Those participants who have already sent their abstracts by E-mail need just to fill out the registration form.

    The deadline for submitting the registration form and abstract is 15 June 2008.

    The  CONFERENCE FEE is $100 for participants and $0 for accompanied persons. The conference fee should be paid through the website: The deadline for paying the conference fee is  June 15 2008. The Organizing Committee has limited funds for financial support on personal requests.

Hotel information

  Workshop participant are asked to book their hotel room by directly contacting the hotel. More info about the hotel reservation is here: Note that the only hotel which is in a walking distance from the conference site is Ohio University Inn.


The conference site

  The conference sessions will be held at the New Ohio University Baker Center. An LCD projector and computer will be available for electronic presentations, and an overhead projector will also be available for those wishing to use transparencies. The duration of oral presentations is expected to be ~30 minutes in average including questions.

The conference banquet is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, July 9. The place and time will be specified later.

How to get to Athens by air

  All participants are advised to fly to Columbus airport (CMH). To arrange the transportation from Columbus airport to Athens (70 miles or 112 km), you need to rent a car or use other options from All attendees are advised to inform the Organizing Committee about their arrival date and time.

Transportation from Columbus airport to Athens (new !!!)


Important deadlines:

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